Support and FAQ

Error - Your Link Expired (Paypal)
When I go complete the Paypal payment process, I get the email asking me to click the link to register. When I click that link it give me "Your Link Expired:  Please contact Support if you need assistance"



This is caused by you having used an email address that is not in your Paypal account. Please check that the Paypal address you have used is the primary email address in your Paypal account

Did Not Receive Email

When you  complete the PayPal payment process, you did not receive an email with log in credentials. This could be caused by two issues. First, if you do not have a PayPal account and simply paid with a credit card, the system will not register you properly. The second possibility is that your email server rejected the automatic email generated after your purchase and logged it as spam or junk.


First, check your junk and spam folders. Make sure that is an email address that you will accept emails from.  If you did not receive an email after payment, email me at I will register you manually and send you new credentials usually within a few hours of receiving your request. I apologize for this inconvenience; it is annoying.

No Audio in Lessons 2-7

Lessons 2-7 are not stereo-balanced. Most of my talking will come out of your left speaker. Participant's comments will come out of the right speaker. If you do not have audio, check your left speaker to make sure (1) the volume is turned up, (2) the wires are connected, (3) you have proper balance on your computer volume control. That will fix the problem.

Video Not Streaming or Showing

This is usually caused by a slow Internet connection, a slow browser, or insufficient free memory to allow for buffering the video file. The video preloads into your memory so that you can view it without interruptions. If you have a slow Internet connection, a slow browser, or insufficient memory, the buffering takes a lot longer.


If you can find a faster Internet connection, try that first. Increase your browser cache. Disable add-ons that might be slowing your browser down. Close out programs that might be taking up unnecessary space in your memory. If your computer is 3 years or older, consider upgrading to a newer, faster model. The technology is improving so rapidly that even a 3 year old computer might be too slow to handle the videos.

If these answers, don't help, contact me at with your specific issue.