How to Mediate Your Divorce

The Secrets of Negotiating with Your Ex Are Revealed in This On-Line Course

Divorce Is No Fun, Even for a Trial Lawyer!

I didn’t find my divorce to be fun or interesting, even though I made my living as a trial lawyer. Face it, divorce is one of the most unpleasant experiences of a lifetime.

However, in my next life, I became a mediator.Then I became a trainer and teacher of negotiation and mediation. In my practice, I saw amazing results. People managed to negotiate settlements to impossibly difficult situations over and over again. It was no fluke; mediation really worked!

Then I started teaching inmates serving life sentences how to mediate. I was even more amazed at how they became powerful peacemakers living lives of service instead of life sentences. (Check out Prison of Peace to learn about this incredible project.)

That's when it struck me that if murderers can learn to mediate difficult and violent conflicts, you can too. That's why I created this course and am selling it at price you can afford.


What You Get

  • Video lectures compatible with your deskop, tablet, or smartphone

  • Classes organized by topic so you can review easily

  • Downloadable forms and checklists to help you prepare

  • E-Book explaining the principles and practices of legal negotiation

Mark S.

I’ve heard a lot of people talk about mediation, etc. However, very few

have impressed me with your command of the brain research and how to incorporate that into practice. You’re obviously a seasoned pro and I am grateful that you took the time and effort to prepare such an enlightening presentation. Next stop is Amazon to order your newest book.

Thanks, again.

Laura K.

Dear Doug,

I have attended (and taught) many hundreds of hours of mediation training, including advanced trainings. Your presentation was the single most powerful, actionable, and supported teaching I have attended. Thank you so much for sharing your insights.

  • Learn the important differences between litigation, negotiation, and mediation

    These are called the “shuns” and people get them confused all the time. I’ll explain what they are, what the differences are, and why you might select one process over the other.

  • Why managing your emotions is vital to your future

    If we were all Spocks and had absolute control over our emotions, divorce negotiations would be easy. It’s our emotions that get in our way. You will learn how to manage your strong emotions through0ut the process.

  • How to deal with angry outbursts from your ex without losing your cool

    Angry outbursts and powerful emotions are part of the process of divorce. I will show you how to deal with them effectively while keeping your cool.

Mediation is a Special Type of Negotiation

Mediation is negotiation facilitated by an experienced third party, called a mediator. Just about all divorces settle without a trial so knowing how to negotiate in mediation is essential. Knowing what is negotiable, how to negotiate, and when to negotiate is your best path out of the ugly mess. Whether your ex is cooperative or a flaming jerk, you have to know the rules of the game to protect yourself.

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Here Are More of the Gems of This Course

  • How to negotiate with a vindictive, spiteful ex

    It is possible to negotiate with vengeful, spiteful people. You just have to know how to do it. Having mediated thousands of disputes, I have seen just about everything. And, I will show you all the tricks.

  • When to hold ‘em, when to fold ‘em

    Sometimes, you draw a losing hand in negotiation. You have to know when to cut your losses in those situations. Sometimes, you can run the cards. You have to know when pushing the limits can backfire big time on you. I will help you recognize and deal with both of those situations.

  • How to identify your real interests AND get them satisfied

    The real secret to negotiating your divorce is in understanding and being able to identify your interests and those of your ex. The single biggest mistake in a divorce mediation is to take a position without understanding your underlying interests. Not even the famous university negotiation experts know the secret technique I will show you for sorting out interests from positions.

Peace of Mind and Confidence with Knowledge

Armed with what you will learn in this course, you will gain a peace of mind over your divorce. You will have the confidence that comes with expert knowledge. And, you will be pleasantly surprised at your own ability to handle one of life's most difficult problems.

Thank you for a great “few” hours that you spent with us. I feel like the person who wants to swim in the Danube but is only allowed to have a little toe become wet. It was a great program, interesting material, highly relevant to my interests, and inspiring.

Thank you and keep up the excellent work.

Best wishes,


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Only $49.99 for the entire course.

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