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"How to Fix Relationship Problems Forever"

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Read the e-Book  to discover the one secret to a fulfilling relationship with any person.

  • Fix relationship problems
  • No more fights, arguments, power struggles with anyone ever again
  • The secret to a centered, peaceful life
  • How to calm an angry child in less than 90 seconds
  • Hows to gain trust, influence, and power with others
  • How to remain calm and centered when personally attacked
  • How to help emotionally numb people come alive

"Our Asperger grandson flew into a rage last week because his sister appeared to “get credit” for a comment the two of them made at the same time.  Linda had listened closely to my  description of your teaching and she said to our grandson, “You feel you haven’t been listened to. ”He immediately affirmed her statement and then she said, “That makes you feel bad.”  Within 10 seconds, the micro-intervention you taught us restored calm and  reduced a normally escalating set of circumstances into a calm that might otherwise  have taken hours to achieve.  Thanks!"


Free e-Book Reveals the Secret

Acclaimed peacemaker, teacher, trainer, and speaker Douglas E. Noll, JD. MA has written a short, easy-to-read e-Book. In it, you will learn how he discovered that the secret to beautiful relationships is listening. You will learn what real listening is and why most people don't listen. You will learn how to overcome the social barriers our culture puts in the way of effective listening. You will gain a power you never imagined possible. You will begin to live an authentic, empowered life free of drama. There are no gimmicks here. Doug's goal is to share this information with a million people. The e-Book is free.

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you