End the Drama in Your Life

Are any of these true for you?

  • Your life is full of drama
  • There is a lot of yelling and screaming around you
  • Everyone wants a piece of you
  • Your life seems like chaos at times
  • You could use some help ending the drama
  • Peace would be really nice

If want to end the drama in your life once and for all, you can do it. You can live a centered, peaceful life regardless of the craziness going on around you. And, you don't have to do yoga, meditate, go vegan, or do aromatherapy. Instead, you simply have learn and master a simple, but powerful tool.

It's Pure Magic

I was driven as a professional peacemaker and mediator to find  tools that really worked. I wanted them so I could help people end the drama in their lives. And, I wanted them in my own life because I suffered just like you.

It took me awhile, but after a lot of study, trial and error practice, more study, more lab work in the real world, I finally understood. I created a unique and powerful tool box of listening skills. Then, I went into some of the darkest places to test the tools--maximum security prisons working with murderers. If I could get the tools to work there, they would work anywhere. After four years of amazing transformations within the 3 prisons I worked in, I now know that the tools are incredibly powerful, effective, and easy to learn for anyone. Everyone that learned these skills said it was pure magic. Drama ended overnight.

New Science Leads To New Skills

I am now releasing these tools into the world. I know for a fact that these are the most powerful relationship tools on the planet. I have had psychologists and therapists come to up me after workshops telling me that in 30 or 40 years of practice they have never experienced anything as powerful as what I teach.

Now, you are probably thinking, "Well, these tools might work for everyone else, but they won't end my drama."

Imagine walking into the largest, most violent women's prison in the world

If you think you have drama in your life, think about the drama in a women's prison? They probably have  you beat in spades. Here's the amazing thing. They ended the drama around them. Slammed the door on it.

The thing about teaching in prison is that there is no room for faking it. Either you have the right stuff or you don't. Prison inmates live in violent communities and their lives depend on discerning truth from BS. These skills had to work or we were finished. We knew we had the right stuff; we had no idea how powerful our tools were. We were astounded at the changes that occurred as the women learned and mastered our tools.

In the mini-documentary below, some of the women my colleague, Laurel Kaufer, and I have trained bear witness to the power of the skills.

You Never Listen to Me!

28035015_sAs a professional mediator and peacemaker, I make a living stepping into drama. After mediating thousands of disputes of all kinds, I will tell you that the single, number one, biggest cause of all drama, all fighting, all screaming, and all arguments, is the inability to listen. When I get people who would rather shoot each other with AK 47s to truly listen to each other, magic happens. Emotions calm down, a space for problem-solving opens up, and peace can emerge.

Mike B. is serving a life sentence in prison. He is one of my Prison of Peace students, training to become a trainer. Here's what he told me the other day:

"[These] techniques [have] allowed me to go into a room and mediate a conflict between some guys who were on the verge of killing each other. These tools created a process that allowed them to communicate and walk away while saving face."

Imagine having the confidence to walk into a cell where deadly violence was about to break out, listen deeply to each of combatants, and allow them to save face and gain peace? That's what this course is all about. I know you won't be walking into a violent prison cell, but I know that you probably have drama in your life that seems just as intense.

  •  Elderly parents who are hard to communicate with14257001_s
  • Children who scream all the time
  • Out of control teens
  • An emotionally unavailable husband or wife
  • A friend who sucks you dry with her drama

What if you could listen to them in a new way? A way that allowed you to be  empowered? A way that allows them to cry, scream, shout, yell, and insult you without bothering you in the least? A way that will allow you to end the drama, forever!

Introducing the Its Pure Magic Online Workshop

Would You Like to Master How To:

  • Calm an angry child or teenager in 90 seconds or less
  • Stop all arguments and shouting matches with your husband
  • Create a deep, empathic connection with your lover
  • Remain present and calm no matter what insult your elderly parent says to you
  • End the drama

What Makes Its Pure Magic Different and Special

In this online course, I teach you a couple of crucial, but counter-intuitive ideas. The first rule is

Ignore the Words

When you ignore the words, you can focus on what's really being communicated. If you pay attention to the words, you are in big trouble.

The second rule is

No "I" Statements

Forget everything you were ever told about "active listening." It's BS, and it doesn't work! I explain why in the course.

The third rule is

No Questions

When you ask someone a question like "Are you angry?" you emotionally invalidate them. I spend all of Lesson Two explaining how we unconsciously invalidate each other. This is a huge cause of drama in your life.

Once you learn how not to listen, I teach you two techniques that will change your life. The first is how to find and state a core message.  The core message is often much deeper than what the words convey. The second is how to read another person's emotional data field and respond by simply stating the emotional experience of the speaker. Neuroscientist Matthew Lieberman calls this "affect labeling." His groundbreaking research validated a skill I had developed in my peacemaking practice and gave me deep insights into listening.

This might seem like a lot, but its not. I lay it all out in 7 short video classes. No class is over 30 minutes in length and most are under 20 minutes. The course is less than 2 1/2 hours in total.

Its Pure Magic Should Be Studied with a Trusted Friend.

The best way to master this radical new listening skill is with a trusted friend. Some are reporting to me that they took the course with a teenager and were astounded at how the drama ended overnight. In addition to the  7 video lectures, I have included a 25 page workbook. You can complete the course and begin a new life of tranquility. Of course, mastery takes practice over time. However, if you apply a small amount of effort, you will see huge changes around you.

Here's what some of my live attendees have to say about the course.

"Your presentation is the single most powerful, actionable, and supported teaching Ihave experienced.  Thank you so much for sharing your insights."

- Laura K.

I also have to share that your course content has already been so instrumental in my mediations.  I’ve been test driving a lot of techniques with great results. Generally speaking, some courses we take just stand out as a huge value added professionally and personally.   Your program has definitely been one of those.  Everything I’ve learned, plus the added benefit of having the opportunity to meet you, has made this such a rewarding experience. Thanks again for everything.

- Mark L.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for teaching us about affect labeling.  My husband, a physician, helped me with some of Lieberman's articles last night. And, despite your cautions, we practiced on  each other.  After being married for over 25 years, we learned things about each other! “


What a terrific class, Doug. Just finished it yesterday. Looking for an argument to mediate now, (no--not with my husband, I got your message!) just so I can practice! Thank you!

- Gail M. from Facebook

The course itself works brilliantly. It's a great overview of your techniques. The student videos are particularly helpful, as the process looks very different in practice to what it sounds like on paper. I would not have really "gotten" it without seeing it in action.

- Wendy S.

'Our Asperger grandson flew into a rage last week because his sister appeared to “get credit” for a comment the two of them made at the same time. Linda had listened closely to my description of your teaching and she said to our grandson, “You feel you haven’t been listened to.” He immediately affirmed her statement and then she said, “That makes you feel bad.” Within 10 seconds, the micro-intervention you taught us restored calm and reduced a normally escalating set of circumstances into a calm that might otherwise have taken hours to achieve. Thanks!'

  • 7 video classes, 15-27 minutes each

  • Downloadable workbook with exercises to help you refine your skills

  • View on your tablet, smart phone, desktop, or laptop

  • Simple, Actionable Steps

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